The ultimate gift for yourself or someone, you love!

Surrender yourself to the very best of both worlds ...
Unwind with a 90 min. d-stress body massage with aromatic oils followed by philoleum´s complete d-luxe facial treatment.
(3 hours) 1,850.00


Perfect mind-body regeneration.
Stimulating full-body exfoliation with dry-brushes followed by a detoxifying seaweed soak. Body-wrap with energizing mint mask plus refreshing, deep-cleansing phil-fresh facial including a deeply relaxing massage of shoulders, neck and scalp.
(2 hrs. 30 min.) 1,600.00


Body-wrap with essential oils and seaweed for a slimlined silhouette and a lighter, fresher overall feeling.
The body is first briskly drybrushed then massaged with stimulating essential oils and finally wrapped in warm detoxifying mud. The full-body mudmask is dissolved in a quick bath with draining seaweed. An application of refreshing body-gel concludes the session.
(2 hrs. 10 min.) 1350,00


Relaxing aroma-bath with stressbusting lavender followed by a soothing back, neck and facial massage. While your face rests with a calming mask hands and feet are pampered with a supernurturing organic lavender cream.
(1 hr. 45 min.) 1,150.00


Indulge in the noble scent of fragrant rose petals. Enjoy the concentrated euphoria and poetry of precious roses: Aroma-bath with 100% pure organic rose oil and milk followed by an exhilarating body massage with philoleum’s own special rose blend.
(1 hr. 45 min.) 1,200.00


Triple treat:
Relaxing aroma-bath with mineral salts and aromatic oils according to your own choice followed by a back massage with smooth warm lava rocks plus relaxing essence facial.
(1 hr. 50 min.) 1,250.00


Life-changing luxury!
The session starts with a relaxing bath with aromatic oils succeeded by a full hot stone massage. After that the face and neck are rejuvenated with philoleum’s complete d-luxe facial. Hands and feet are pampered with a mini-pedi- & -manicure.
Healthy refreshments are offered during the session ...
(4 hrs. 30 min.) 2,850.00