Treat yourself to a healthy dose of pampering body care, - feel the stress and demands of everyday life slowly loosening its grip and enjoy the luxurious feeling new, soft, vitalized skin!


Boost your body’s own defence mechanisms with this effective and sensitive body massage with soothing de-stressing aromatic oils.
Perfect for combating jet-lack, the effects of a busy-busy lifestyle or simply as health-encouraging indulgence.
(100 min.) 1100,00
(70 min.) 900,00
Add-on 10 min. massage for the face and/or scull: 100,00
d -stress back massage - (40 min.) 490,00


Hot stone massage with relaxing aromatic oils and smooth warm mexican lava rocks. Wonderfully comforting and grounding.
A great way to relax and unwind for women as well as men!
(100 min.) 1140,00 (whole body incl. face)
(40 min.) 525,00 (back/shoulders/neck and calves)


Velvety soft all over! Perfect before UV exposure, - totally indispensable before using any self-tanner.
At first the skin is gently dry-brushed with sisal brushes, then all rougher areas (back, upper arms, lower legs, knees & feet) are exfoliated with a refreshing peeling and finally the entire body is treated to a generous dose of nourishing lotion or body oil.
(70 min.) 900,00
salt scrub 70 min. 850,00


Diva-licious relief to expecting moms!
Soothing body massage with an aromatic oil especially formulated for pregnancy, - energizing gel for feet and lower legs plus ultra-strengthening cream specifically made for the skin around tummy, breasts and hips.
(70 min.) 900,00


Softer, gentler "flow"-massage with rebalancing aromatic oils.
Enhances equilibrium and inner peace - stimulates the self-regenerating powers of mind and body.
Ideal for anyone suffering from the effects of acute stressrelated disorders, - anyone preferring a softer, gentler touch or if you just had a baby.
70 min. 850,00
100 min. 1050,00