Aromatherapy uses pure, highly concentrated, aromatic plant-extracts – also known as essential oils – to relieve the effects of stress, enhance general well-being and promote health and vitality.

Aromatherapy may be experienced in a number of ways, but the most efficient and pleasurable is most certainly to be massaged with an essential oil blend suited to one’s individual needs. Another relaxing therapeutic experience is to have a warm bath with fragrant aromatic oils. At philoleum you can indulge in both!

Apart from being a truly pampering experience, aromatherapy may be beneficial in many conditions – particularly all kinds of stress-related unbalances.
Being complementary and holistic in nature, aromatherapy works very well as a complement to both conventional medical as well as other forms of therapy. It does not, however, substitute conventional medical care. If you’re undergoing medical treatment, or if there are any doubts regarding your current state of health, we ask you to consult with your GP before receiving aromatherapy treatment.

All aromatherapy @ philoleum starts with a short confidential consultation, where your health, lifestyle, medical conditions and the aims of your treatment are discussed. Based on the consultation the aromatherapist blends 3 - 4 pure essential oils - each with distinct therapeutic properties - into organic cold-pressed vegetable oil creating a tailor-made aromatic oil blend especially for you and your needs. treatment – incl. consultation, massage, personal aromatic blend for at-home use (50 ml.)
plus care suggestions.
(1hr. 50 min. 1200,00
succeeding treatments each
(90 min.) 1050,00